Siteimprove has seen success come from many backgrounds but what is most impactful is how people have used their unique backgrounds to transform and add to who Siteimprove is. Today, I sat down with Brie Clements who honored me with sharing her story.

Two pictures of Brie in one. One where she's sitting at her desk wearing a headset and another where she's feet up in an impressive yoga poseTwo pictures of Brie in one. One where she's sitting at her desk wearing a headset and another where she's feet up in an impressive yoga pose

Hi Brie! Can you share with us a bit about your transforming career?

Brie: "I started my career out of college working as a full-time nanny. I worked for a family with 7 kids ranging in age from 6 to 14 years old. I also took care of their pets including 2 dogs, a bunny rabbit, and during the summer months some of their classroom pets like a bearded dragon and turtles. While I loved being a nanny, let’s be honest, I didn’t foresee myself as Mary Poppins. I knew my love for working with people would continue to flourish in sales. 

My journey at Siteimprove has been action packed and full of exciting roles in my 2 years of employment. In January of 2017, my first role at Siteimprove was a Sales Development Representative, working with community colleges and later with Fortune 500 companies. This is where I quickly learned to captivate prospects’ attention and expanded my knowledge of website development and industry trends.

Then in October of 2017, I worked with a Senior Account Executive in higher education, who has been a wonderful mentor in growing and developing my skills. A little over a year after working within higher education, I became an Account Manager and began solely working with current customers to build sustainable long-term relationships. It's been a great experience to hear from customers about how we are making a difference in their day-to-day by solving some of their most critical business problems.

Aside from working at Siteimprove, I also have my own yoga company where I teach yoga across the Minneapolis metro area, from stand-up paddle board in the summer months to hockey players and kids in classrooms."

Why did you think sales would be a good career path for you?

Brie: "You could say, I was always selling, whether it was from when I was a kid trying to set up my corner lemonade stand, working with non-governmental agencies in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in college or negotiating with the kids at my nanny family.

Sales is one of the most rewarding career paths because you get to help people solve their problems. To be able to solve their problems, you get to learn about new technologies, trends, and companies that are popping up daily, you are constantly expanding your knowledge in sales. Outside of being an avid learner and working with a dynamic and diverse group of people, you get to do what you love every day."

What are the main lessons you have learned in your career journey so far that you would advise others on?

Brie: "Listen more than you talk and never stop learning as sometimes the answer you are looking for is right in front of you."

Since you had to take care of some unique pets while you were nannying, what exotic animal would you want to have for a pet?

If I could have any exotic pet, I would adopt a giant panda. I wouldn't ever have this animal as an actual pet since it was on the endangered species list, but now it is no longer endangered due to repopulation efforts.

A bearded dragon

For all of those who Googled what a “Bearded Dragon” is. Yikes, I think I will pass on taking care of that.