Electrician Turned Sales Superstar

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By Emil Wulff
Nov 09 2017 — Employee Testimonials, Career Development

“Honestly, I love when I have to explain which company I work for to people I haven’t met before."

Kristian in front of the opera house in Copenhagen

Siteimprovers are a diverse bunch. Not only do we come from all over the world, but we also have very different educational backgrounds. Just look at our Sales talents —many of those have taken some interesting and alternative career paths before entering our local markets. Take Kristian, for example. He’s been part of Siteimprove’s sales force for more than three years, but pursuing a career in sales wasn’t really in the cards while Kristian was growing up in the small northern town of Fjerritslev, Denmark.

After completing his education to become an electrician, Kristian continued his studies and wanted to work as an engineer. He eventually realized that he was better at the human aspects of the trade, and he enjoyed talking to clients and peers more than he did using his hands in the engine room. Consequently, he decided to move to Spain for a year and work in a call center, which is where his passion for sales really took off:

“When I got back to Denmark, I was certain that I wanted to continue working with sales, so I started applying for sales trainee positions and was lucky to get an interview with Siteimprove.”

And here we are, years later. Kristian followed his passion and continued his sales career, and now he’s one of our sales superstars. When you’ve been with Siteimprove for more than three years, you’re one of the more experienced veterans in a fast-growing company like ours as the number of Siteimprovers has increased from 110 when Kristian started to more than 460 in 2017. 

He currently sits as key account manager for the Danish market following a number of promotions since joining as sales trainee back in 2014, a role he outgrew quite quickly. His skills and the fact that the company was, and still is, growing rapidly meant that Kristian gradually gained more and more responsibilities:

“Back when I was a sales trainee, I got a taste of what it was like to be selling for Siteimprove by staying in the background observing and assisting the account managers. Then, suddenly, I was given more responsibility and a budget to reach. Now I’m running the whole thing on my own; the process of getting the ball rolling with our clients and taking them through the purchasing process.”

Kristian admits to not knowing much about Siteimprove when he first started. But now, he can’t stop talking about it:

“Honestly, I love when I have to explain which company I work for to people I haven’t met before. All these things that we have: a micro-brewery, a bar, a gym... I try not to sound too pleased with myself, but I just love talking about Siteimprove at every chance I get, and I think that a lot of those I speak with can feel how it’s buzzing in my fingers.”

Kristian presenting Siteimprove at a customer meeting

While the career move has been a personal success for Kristian and a recruitment success for Siteimprove, it wasn’t without its challenges, Kristian explains:

“The practical aspect of moving to a new city and starting to work here right away was a challenge, because at the time, I was living with my brother in Aalborg after returning from Spain. So to pull up stakes again and move to Copenhagen with no place to live was definitely a challenge. But I said ‘yes’ to Siteimprove, and it was worth it!”

Even though Kristian is a people person with plenty of what we in Denmark call “Jutlandic charm,” it was uncharted territory when he had to start using his social skills tactically to reach a clear goal:

“It was obviously a challenge, having a strategy for how you talk to people. I was used to just ‘talk and talk and talk,’ and people would listen—and sometimes they would laugh at my Jutlandic charm.”

For people who need a new challenge or are contemplating switching careers like Kristian did, his advice is straightforward:

“Do it! Because if you can feel that you’re not in the right place and it’s not working out for you, and that you’re not the person you want to be, then make the change. Do it. Take the leap!”

About Kristian

Kristian joined Siteimprove back in September 2014 as a Sales Trainee. He's currently one of two account managers in the Danish sales team and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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