Come for the Fun, Stay for the Growth Potential

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By Siteimprove Careers
Oct 02 2017 — Employee Testimonials

"I realized the recruiter wasn’t overselling the company which is what a lot of them do."

 Sarah and Darryl dancing during Siteimprove's global meet up

When Sarah was first contacted by a recruiter from Siteimprove she didn’t even know the company existed, but a quick phone call later she was convinced she’d found the place for her. Having always wanted to work for one of Minnesota’s enterprise companies, she was surprised to end up at a tech startup, but there were just so many positives she easily changed her mind.

"The first time I visited the office it was on a Friday afternoon and it sounded a bit like an arcade. I wasn’t sure I was in the right place but in I went and the first thing I saw was the CEO playing foosball. The vibe was fun and welcoming and it was pretty surreal, I couldn’t imagine a company like this!"

Sarah originally started working as a Sales Account Specialist before moving into a Senior Account Specialist role following her rapid success. Continuing her career development, Sarah completed a training program and was promoted to an Account Executive.

"I love that the company see’s your potential and then they support your growth, plus, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve made many friends at work. We do a lot of group meetups, happy hours and all different types of things together."

About Sarah

Sarah joined Siteimprove in December 2014, and currently works as an Account Executive for the K-12 education vertical.

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