From the Peace Corps and Life in a Van to a Career in Sales

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By Siteimprove Careers
Oct 02 2017 — Employee Testimonials

"Siteimprove really wants to have a diverse community and I love that we as a community care about more than just the bottom dollar."

Sarah Herold

For Minnesotan-born Sarah Herold, a career in sales was definitely not in the cards. After turning 18, Sarah moved to Chicago where she completed a degree in Italian and Fashion. Following graduation a yearlong stay in Italy ensued, and then a seven month stint living in a van in New Zealand. Upon her return to the US she joined the Peace Corps where she spent an amazing two years teaching English and working with a woman’s group in western China.

Having returned to the US and after a call from a previous manager, Sarah found herself discussing a sales career at Siteimprove. Unsure of whether sales was right for her but a people lover, one of Sarah’s first questions was ‘What makes a career at Siteimprove different than just traditional sales cause that’s not enough for me, I need to make more of an impact than just sales’. Needless to say, the answer was enough to convince Sarah to join.

As Sarah discovered Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as well as diversity and inclusion were strong focal areas at Siteimprove.

Our US CEO Torben is hands down the most passionate person I’ve ever worked under. He genuinely cares about every single one of us and wants us to be happy. Corporate Social Responsibility begins with management and how they feel about the world. It is a trickledown effect. Their consciousness and care is instilled in us and drives us to make an impact on society.

Sarah found that Siteimprove’s voluntary workplace groups like the Diversity & Inclusion Group (DIG), opened people’s eyes to other backgrounds, different struggles, and unique viewpoints. She found that special as she believes a lot of companies wouldn’t consider that a priority.

About Sarah

Sarah joined Siteimprove at the beginning of 2015 and currently works as an Account Executive within the healthcare vertical.

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