From Austria to Denmark in Three Weeks

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By Emil Wulff
Dec 01 2017 — Employee Testimonials, Career Development

In April 2016, Svenja Riedl visited Copenhagen for the first time. Three weeks later, she decided to leave her home country of Austria and move to the Danish capital. Hear what attracted Svenja to Copenhagen and Siteimprove.

Svenja Riedl

Moving to a new country without knowing anyone or having found a job might sound terrifying for some. For Svenja, it was the right thing to do. After having worked in Paris for a while, Svenja moved back to her native Austria with the ambition of moving across the Atlantic to Canada. All of a sudden, the situation changed and she decided to move north to Denmark, a country she’d visited for the first time only three weeks earlier.

What makes a young Austrian want to relocate to Copenhagen, even after experiencing life in magnificent Paris?

“I used to live in Paris where everything is so fast and crowded, and there’s so much going on all the time,” says Svenja. “Here in Copenhagen, the city has a great size; it’s not too big, not too small. It’s very safe and very clean. The people here don’t judge you and are super relaxed. You can be yourself here, and that is what I like the most.”

Many will probably think that moving to a completely different country is a complex task. However, Svenja didn’t encounter many big challenges after moving here—although learning the Danish language required a lot of energy.

“I started learning Danish, which meant I had to go to school after work twice a week, and on top of that I would be doing homework two days a week as well. Four days working with Danish was pretty hard, but it was worth it!”

Before arriving in Denmark, Svenja studied theater, film, and media in Vienna and worked student jobs within sales and promotion. She was doing really well in sales, which piqued her interest in the field, and she brought her sales experience with her to Copenhagen, where she quickly secured a position in Siteimprove’s Swiss sales team. Then her career took off.

“I started as a sales trainee, which meant that I would be doing some selling while helping my team members by calling out for them. I was pretty successful and was promoted to Junior Business Development Manager six months after I joined Siteimprove. Six months later I was promoted again, this time to Business Development Manager.”

Asked about why she chose to work at Siteimprove, Svenja points to our young, innovative, and international culture she encountered during the interview process and has grown to cherish. Now, she’s been here for almost 16 months and is not leaving Siteimprove anytime soon.

“I enjoy the whole spirit here. I have a great team that feels like a family to me, and I love going to work every day. Also, I really love the benefits of working here: the great office location, the events that we’re hosting, and so on. “

Svenja with her international colleagues

Svenja describes her decision to move to a foreign country to live and work as “the best decision I ever made,” and if you’re thinking about doing the same, Svenja has a piece of advice for you:

“My advice would just be to do it! It’s definitely worth it. One quote from Walt Disney is fitting in this case — he once said, ‘The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.’”

About Svenja

Svenja joined Siteimprove in July 2016 and is working as a Business Development Manager in the Swiss sales team. Svenja is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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