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Oct 02 2017 — Employee Testimonials

"What I love most is the fact that no matter how long you’ve worked here, your opinion will always be heard."

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As a child, Trish’s family moved around a lot, so much so that by the time she reached adulthood she’d had the chance to call five countries home. When it came time for her to make her own decision about where to call home, she decided on Denmark but with a strong determination that whatever workplace she ended up at would have an international environment.

Fast forward to December 2016 and Trish had found her home away from home as a UX/UI Designer at Siteimprove. With more than 27 different nationalities represented among the employees, Siteimprove ticked the box for a diverse and international workplace.

In my first month, I found myself taking part in the weekly developers’ coding club, indulging in countless takeaway pizzas, and even attending the Star Wars film premiere with my colleagues. I’ve never felt as warmly welcomed than I have here at Siteimprove, so as an expat, it’s definitely a place where you’ll find an extended family away from home.

Personal fit aside, Trish was also looking for a place where she could grow professionally and be challenged to come up with solid design solutions and experiences for users. The ability to have a voice in the company was a real draw-card.

What I love most is the fact that no matter how long you’ve worked here, your opinion will always be heard. At Siteimprove, everyone has a voice and the opportunity to really influence the direction we want to take as an online service provider.

The ability to work on a range of projects is something that many Siteimprover’s value and for Trish this is no different. As part of a Sketch running UX team, Trish enjoys working with interface design and Sketch is her tool of choice when trying to come up with ideal UI and UX design solutions for the Siteimprove platform. Aiming to deliver thoughtful and carefully crafted design solutions for every project they work on, the team are also big fans of Craft by Invision, and currently Trish is in the process of creating a cloud based UI library to ensure cross team design consistency and bring even more efficiency into the design working process.

Asked what advice she would give fellow UX job seekers Trish was quick with her answer. “If you enjoy a healthy design debate every now and again, and thrive in a flat organizational structure where innovative thinking, creativity and curiosity are encouraged, then the UX team at Siteimprove would definitely be the place for you.”

About Trish

Trish joined Siteimprove in December 2016 and currently works as a UX/UI Designer in the development department in our Copenhagen office.

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