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By Emil Wulff
Oct 27 2017 — Employee Testimonials

We sat down with two of the most popular characters in Siteimprove's Copenhagen office: Christian and Zoltan, our two talented, happiness-spreading chefs. They reveal what Siteimprovers like to eat and how the way to happiness is through the stomach.

Christian and Zoltan serving cheese

Please describe your cooking in 3 words.

Passionate, honest, happy!

What’s your favorite dish to cook?

Christian: Whatever we do of what you would normally call fast food and cheat food, you guys always like it. When we do burgers we don’t really have to cook anything else because all of you like it so much. When Zoltan makes his very tasty butter chicken, everybody is happy, too. It’s the same with our Danish “frikadeller”.

Zoltan: I enjoy cooking any kind of hot and spicy food, and I like to make the vegetarian dishes.

Do you have a go-to dish if you don’t really know what to cook - a certain dish that you can always get us Siteimprovers to eat?

Christian: If we do chicken, any kind of chicken, you always eat it and always like it. It’s the same with spicy dishes like chili con carne and Indian dishes, they’re always popular.

You encourage Siteimprovers to make requests – is there a type of food that we ask for the most?

Christian: Many people like the food from their home regions because it reminds them of home, their traditions, friends, family, and so on. As a result, we get to try food from all over the world because this is a very international office. A lot of people ask for burgers! It is an IT company, so…

Zoltan: But we try to make it healthy so it’s not just fancy unhealthy stuff like burgers.

Have you ever received a request that you had no idea how to make but really wanted to?

Christian: Thank God for the Internet! Once, we got a request for Poulet Yassa Chicken – we had no idea what that was.

Zoltan: But it was good! I think it was just onion and white wine, easy to make. It wasn’t a challenge at all, after we had figured out what it was.

Christian squeezing juice

Not long ago, you organized a cheese tasting and this morning you made freshly squeezed juice for us. You also arrange Christmas and Easter markets – why do you spoil us like this?

Christian: There are a couple of reasons. It’s a way to keep you happy and make you work hard. If you’re happy then we’re happy because it means that we’re doing a good job. It’s also very exciting for us every time we do something different because it’s a learning process, but it’s also fun!

In one month, we’re organizing the Christmas market and for us, that’s the biggest day of the year because there are so many things to prepare and there’s a Friday bar on the same day that we're involved in.

It’s a lot of fun and we like to do a little bit extra for you because we know that you get very happy – it’s really nice when you visit us in the kitchen and say “Hey, today was great!” and “What a great surprise!”. It makes us so happy and makes us want to do more. So it’s kind of a good circle of happines!

Christian, Zoltan, and the rest of the team serve both breakfast and lunch in the Siteimprove canteen, and they've even made it possible for employees to bring home food for a small fee. The kitchen truly is one of the main sources of energy and motivation in the Copenhagen office! 

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