"It isn't hard to just hire a lot of people"

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By Emil Wulff
Nov 03 2017 — Press

(The original article brought in Børsen on October 19, 2017, is written by Morten Amtoft Rasmussen)

Børsen, the leading Danish business newspaper, interviewed Siteimprove HR Director Gitte Hemmingsen about how Siteimprove maintains its entrepreneurial spirit while growing 50% each year. They also discussed how we at Siteimprove handle the tough job of hiring qualified developers and sales people in the current market.


For the past 18 months, Gitte has worked hard to professionalize the recruiting process in the company to enable Siteimprove to attract and maintain highly qualified employees. “It isn’t hard to just hire a lot of people. Basically, it just requires elbow grease and hard work. The difficult part is ensuring that they are of high quality, that they’re happy, and that they’ll stay at the company,” she notes.

One of the key strengths of Siteimprove is the company culture, Gitte explains: “Naturally, it changes, especially when a company grows as fast as we do. But I think it’s one of our strengths that we have this special culture—it’s the young, informal style.”

Keeping that culture alive is a key focus area during the rapid growth that Siteimprove experiences: “We really want to maintain the culture that we have because it’s so dynamic. At the same time, we need to be able to scale, think strategically, and so on.”

Another key to maintaining employees is to ensure that we live up to our promises, Gitte explains: “It’s very important that new employees see that the things they’ve read on our careers website are in complete accordance with what they experience once they’re here. ”Telling candidates during their interviews that we have an entrepreneurial spirit isn’t enough; we have to make sure they experience that spirit when they walk in the door.

You can read the full article here [article in Danish].

About Gitte

Gitte joined Siteimprove as HR Director in May 2016 and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. At Siteimprove, Gitte draws upon her experience from both the start-up and the corporate world in her work with professionalizing the recruiting processes and maintaining the company’s entrepreneurial culture.

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