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The 70-20-10 model

It's key for us that our employees have the opportunity to learn and develop as people and professionals. As a general guideline, Siteimprove follows a 70-20-10 model for personal development, which is a prevailing approach to how people learn and develop their skill set in the workplace. In brief, the 70-20-10 model is divided into the following three steps:

70%: On-the-job learning

  • You learn through daily tasks, challenges, hands-on experiences, and through feedback from managers.

20%: Learning from others

  • You learn from your co-workers, peers, and mentors through a variety of actions that include coaching, mentoring, collaborative learning, and social activities with peers.

10%: Formal learning

  • You learn through structured training courses and programs - internal or external. At Siteimprove, we have a transparent process for applying for external training eligible for everyone who has been employed for one year or more.


LEAD Academy

We strongly believe in providing leadership training throughout the organization. Our mandatory leadership development program, the Leadership Exploration And Development (LEAD) Academy, is for all employees in managerial positions worldwide, including the executive management team.

All management levels have embraced the opportunity to develop and improve through the LEAD Academy, which consists of three modules, lasting two days each, with group work, and four individual coaching sessions in-between.

The academy leads to sustainable development of managers through 360 degree co-worker feedback and data, and creates awareness of good leadership. The academy provides participants with practical tools that can be used in everyday challenges. We believe skilled and highly performing managers lead to highly performing teams, and bringing managers together creates synergy between departments.

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Supporting career growth

We have dedicated activities in place to ensure that our teams are able to develop professionally in their careers. Check out the career growth opportunities in the individual departments by exploring the ‘Teams’ section, or read more about career development at Siteimprove on our blog.