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The 70-20-10 model

It's key for us that our employees have the opportunity to learn and develop as people and professionals. As a general guideline, Siteimprove follows a 70-20-10 model for personal development, which is a prevailing approach to how people learn and develop their skill set in the workplace. In brief, the 70-20-10 model is divided into the following three steps:

70%: On-the-job learning

  • You learn through daily tasks, challenges, hands-on experiences, and through feedback from managers.

20%: Learning from others

  • You learn from your co-workers, peers, and mentors through a variety of actions that include coaching, mentoring, collaborative learning, and social activities with peers.

10%: Formal learning

  • You learn through structured training courses and programs - internal or external. At Siteimprove, we have a transparent process for applying for external training eligible for everyone who has been employed for one year or more.


The Siteimprove Mentorship Program

Part of the 20% of your learning from others can come through the Siteimprove Mentorship Program. Launched in 2019, the voluntary program is available for all Siteimprovers worldwide. The purpose of the program is to foster professional relationships and provide employees with an opportunity to build connections, share knowledge, and help each other develop personally and professionally.

The Mentorship Program, which matches experienced employees (mentors) with less experienced colleagues (mentees), is a one-year commitment where participants can expect to meet once every two months, or more if they wish to. Employees can submit their application for the program twice a year – once in February and once in September.

As of August 2020, we have made a total of 42 mentor-mentee matches within Siteimprove globally.

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The Education & Learning team

At Siteimprove, your personal development will be supported by our Education & Learning team, which we established in 2019. With members in Copenhagen and Minneapolis, the team supports all Siteimprove offices globally with their training courses. Our purpose with the Education & Learning team is to enable scalable learning solutions that all our employees will benefit, no matter where they are located.

Since its inception, the team has developed substantial learning materials for our Sales and Customer Success teams and moving forward the team will continue to assess and address our internal learning needs across all departments.

Michael, Learning & Education Specialist:

“Our overall objective in Education & Learning is to support business results by building, driving, and implementing competency development of employees across Siteimprove, in agreement with business strategic needs. We are experts on learning concepts, performance-based learning, blended learning solutions and learning transfer in corporate organizations. We are key drivers in ensuring training effectiveness and scalability as well as ensuring application and implementation of strategic training initiatives across the global organization.”

Supporting career growth

We have dedicated activities in place to ensure that our teams are able to develop professionally in their careers. Every Siteimprove employee will have an annual Performance Review where they look back on the past year with their manager and discuss and evaluate performance. The review is followed by an annual Personal Development Plan meeting where each employee and their manager look forward and set individual goals and create a Personal Development Plan that supports future career development in Siteimprove. Over the course of the year, all employees will have two Career Check-Ins with their manager where they follow up on the Personal Development Plan. The focus of these check-ins is on career progress and development opportunities, and is not a review of performance.

In addition to the Performance Reviews and Personal Development Plans, individual departments can have a Career Path framework. Check out the career growth opportunities in the individual departments by exploring the ‘Teams’ section, or read more about career development at Siteimprove on our blog.