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Why Munich

High-tech and beer gardens - Munich is a city where tradition and modernity sit side-by-side in a way that few places on Earth can rival.

Tech hub

The Munich tech sector is booming. The city has developed into a leading European tech hub, ranking fourth on the continent for both unicorns and future unicorns behind just London, Paris, and Berlin.


Surrounded by beautiful lakes and with the Alps less an hour’s drive away Munich offers something for everyone – from nature to nightlife.

International flair

With its unique mix of arts, culture, science, and sports Munich offers not only a high quality of life but also international ambience. Just right for a global company like Siteimprove.

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Aerial photo of downtown Munich

Hello, Munich!

Read why Siteimprove decided to go to Munich and learn what new colleagues in Munich can look forward to in this interview with Auke Grondsma, VP of Western Europe, and Christian Bennewitz, Head of Sales.

Blog Post: Hello, Munich!

The recruitment process


Submit your application through our recruiting system and receive a confirmation email.


Receive a call or web-planner invite from our recruiter to organize an interview.


Receive an invitation to the first round interview with the country manager either remotely through video conferencing or on-site at our location in Munich.


If successful, receive an invitation to a second round interview with the country manager and the recruiter.


Complete an online personality assessment prior to the interview.


After the second interview, the successful candidate will receive a job offer.

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