Marc Aurel Straße 4 Top 2
1010 Wien, Austria

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Why Vienna

City of music, composers, waltzing and the famous Opera Ball for the rich and famous, Vienna is home to a wealth of art and culture.

Team spirit

Our team's hard work, passion, and successes call for celebrations, and our team enjoys regular social activities together.


Located within the absolute heart of Vienna we are close to everything the city has to offer — city center, parks, universities, and tons of bars and restaurants.


Working for an international company means the opportunity to travel and learn from your international colleagues! When not confined to our homes and local office, we often hold sales meetups and events at one of our locations. While based in Austria, you’ll be in close contact with your international colleagues around the world.

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The recruitment process


Submit your application through our recruiting system and receive a confirmation email.


Receive a call or web-planner invite from our recruiter to organize an interview.


Receive an invitation to the first round interview at our location in Vienna with the country manager.


If successful, receive an invitation to a second round interview with the country manager and the recruiter.


Complete an online personality assessment prior to the interview.


After the second interview, the successful candidate will receive a job offer.

Open positions in Vienna

No positions