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The daughter of the Baltic

Our newest office location and home to our Accessibility Testing team, Finland is on the rise and the country of origin of our arguably most energetic Siteimprovers.


Unioninkatu 30
00100 Helsinki, Finland

Local time




Why Helsinki

A progressive and highly digital city, the Finnish capital has figured it out as functionality and sustainability long has been at the top of its agenda, making it an ideal place for the modern human to call home.


Located in the absolute heart of Helsinki city center, the office is close to everything you could want – parks, sea, shopping, restaurants, sea pool, and our customers. From the office windows you can see the Helsinki Cathedral and Havis Amanda.


Not only will you be joining a winning team, you’ll be working side-by-side with some of the most experienced and passionate accessibility experts in Europe. With front-row access to their extensive knowledge, you’re guaranteed to learn something new every day.


While the Helsinki office is new, Siteimprove is well established and growing fast in Finland which presents exciting opportunities for professional growth and gives you the chance to play a key role in our Finnish expansion.

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The recruitment process

Submit your application through our recruiting system and receive a confirmation email.

Receive a call or web-planner invite from our recruiter to organize an interview.

Receive an invitation to the first round interview with the country manager.

If successful, receive an invitation to a second round interview with the country manager and the recruiter.

Complete an online personality assessment prior to the interview.

After the second interview, the successful candidate will receive a job offer.

Open positions in Helsinki

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