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Business Operations

These functions represent the lifeblood of our organization as we progress together as pathfinders. Our diverse teams of experts are the driving force that keeps our company thriving. Every day, they ensure that each employee is able to grow, thrive, and continually succeed.

What do we do?

Every Siteimprover makes a big difference. In Finance, you’ll keep an eye out to guide the health of the organization and make sure we’re on track for financial wins. Our Admin teams are the heart of our office: They keep our spaces inviting and reflective of our culture of commitment. In Human Resources, you’ll help us spot and support the best talent, enabling people leaders and their team members to foster a career journey where everyone contributes at the top of their game.

What are we working on?

In 2024, we’ve got exciting goals which include items like:

  • Establish and measure what great People Leader effectiveness looks like — and what great individual performance looks like
  • Validate that our internal communication is useful, timely, and inclusive
  • Invest in our People Leaders through the rollout of the Situational Leadership training program

Open positions in Business Operations

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