What Do We Do?

Our development team is comprised of skilled individuals representing the full-stack. They design, develop and execute products and solutions that directly make people’s work lives easier. Whether working with complex distributed systems and services, or focusing on aspects of our ecosystem and solutions, we trust our team and provide them with the freedom needed to think outside the box and push the innovation envelope.

Who Are We?

Student Developers, Software Developers, Software Architects, Software Testers, Quality Engineers, UX/Designers, Scrum Masters, Cloud/DevOps Engineers, Sysadmin/Datacentre Engineers, IT supporters, Product Owners, Development Team Leads, Digital Marketing and operations

Supporting Career Development

At Siteimprove we have a number of dedicated activities in place to ensure that our development team are able to develop professionally in their careers. Within the department we have a small manager to employee ratio to ensure that managers are able to work closely with each member of their team. We also have a matrix approach to management and teamwork so that our developers are not only surrounded by an expert in the product they are developing, but also have a manager for their type of profile, e.g. frontend, backend etc. There is also the option for relaxing by taking part in the weekly after hours hackathon where the company provides food and beverages and the team are encouraged to develop their own projects. The team is also actively participating in a number of specialist courses and conferences to support their knowledge growth and have access to shared resource libraries.

Open Positions in Development

No open positions